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iCandy Bikinis

Gold Glimmer Fuchsia

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Our Simplified Selection is just that, suits that are simpler to select but still have the same impeccable quality of our other exquisite custom suits. The colors, crystals and fabrics have been chosen for you. Just pick the one you like and answer a few quick questions and leave the rest to us. Our Gold Tier Glimmer Fuchsia provides a uniform design with 2 crystal colors (our standard size 4.8mm). The crystals are laid out very closely, in a symmetrical pattern. This design has been a favorite for those who prefer a balanced, constant look. The homogeneous crystal  layout continues all the way to the edge of the suit to ensure serious glam and glimmer! 

Fabric: Berry Fuchsia Mystique

Crystals: Swarovski's Finest Neon Pink and Neon Violet