Custom Suit Care

How to care for your iCandy Custom Suit: 

Keep your suit in a cool dry place to preserve the integrity of the glued crystals. 

Do not leave the suit in hot or moist places like the car or bathroom while showering.

While wearing your suit:

 It is recommended that you use 2 way tape if you need assistance keeping it in place. It works well and can be easily peeled from your skin (for changing and using the restroom) then reapplied when needed. You can use any 2 way lingerie tape or toupee tape. Both work great!

Glue is not recommended due to staining.  

After the show:

Immediately rinse the suit to eliminate any excess tan. Allowing the tan to linger on the fabric can cause staining. Rinse with water until it runs clear; this should take about a minute.

DO NOT immerse. Use a gentle antibacterial soap such as Dawn liquid. Mix it with water and softly cleanse the suit. Avoid vigorous scrubbing. Gently pat dry the excess water. If you have a molded or Euro top, this step is especially important. With a towel in both hands, place one cup at a time between your palms and press together to press the water out of each cup.

Hang the suit in the shower or above a sink or tub to prevent dripping on floors and counters, allowing it to air dry.