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iCandy Bikinis

2nd Skin Strappy

2nd Skin Strappy

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Let’s talk Posing Suits! What are they for?

 A posing suit is the ideal way to maintain consistency during check-ins. iCandy customizes the fit, offering you and your coach a preview of your body's appearance as it will look in your iCandy stage suit without subjecting it to wear and tear.To keep your custom stage suit pristine, especially during sweaty practice sessions, opt for an iCandy Posing suit. If you don’t have your iCandy show suit yet, posing suits allow  you to experiment with various fits and cuts before finalizing the cut for your perfect stage suit. Thanks to our adjustable sides, our suits accommodate weight fluctuations during your prep. And if you adore them so much that you fancy wearing them by the pool, select the "Poolside" option to have the crystal connector replaced, making your suit water and sunshine-friendly!
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