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iCandy Bikinis

Holographic Team Suit

Holographic Team Suit

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Team Suits are a great way to represent your team and show your support! Having a team posing suit is the perfect way to preserve your show suit and still allow you to have consistency throughout your check-ins. iCandy tailors your fit so you and your coach will be able to see what your body will look like in your show suit without actually having to put wear and tear on your show suit. Posing can get sweaty, so it's best not to use your custom stage suit for practice. Posing suits also give you the opportunity to try different fits and cuts before committing to the one that's right for you.

5% discount when ordering 5-7 suits

8% discount when ordering 8-9 suits

10% discount when ordering 10 or more suits

To place a group order, please collect all of the required information from each team member. Then fill out an order form for each individual team member, one at a time, and add to cart (All team products added to cart will apply towards this discounted rate). Your discount will be automatically applied in cart.

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