Meet Our Team

 Angela Roy

Founder/ Managing Director

Angela Roy is our Founder/ Managing Director. She started this business in 2017 after competing and being disappointed in the ‘cookie cutter’ suit she bought. She put her lifelong seamstress skills to work and vowed to make a better quality product with a personal touch, using the best materials in the industry. Now, with a strong team behind her, iCandy has blossomed into a thriving company while still holding onto the value of personal touch and one on one customer service. Angela is still personally involved in every order and enjoys adding the fabulous extras and little secrets that set iCandy apart. 

 Angela is at the helm of her own business, which affords her the flexibility to participate in her kids' meaningful life events. Additionally, she's the devoted dog mom of a massive Great Dane named Sarge. 

 Stephanie Brown

Director of Operations/

Creative Expert

Stephanie Brown is our Director of Operations/ Creative Expert. Her background in Administration enhances the functionality and productivity of iCandy behind the scenes. If you have any special requests or inquiries, she oversees all client support services.

In addition, her role as Creative Expert has launched iCandy into a whole new level of greatness. 

Stephanie is a dedicated wife and mother of four. Balancing family and business is a priority in her life. She’s the quintessential example of what it is to be both a professional and a mother. She’s a new mom to a precious Maltese Shih Tzu named Xena. In her free time, Stephanie loves to bake sweet treats.


 Mara Jane

Creative Specialist


Mara is our Creative specialist. She specializes in unique and elegant crystal design. Her keen eye for stand- out  stagewear has proven to be a huge asset to iCandy. Mara’s meticulous hand application is truly a work of art and she treats each suit as such. 

Her talents don't stop with design. Mara is a competitive dancer and dance teacher. 

Mara is a cat mommy to a naughty orange tabby named Oliver. She enjoys music and is a proud Swiftie.


 Alexa Goodman

Creative Consultant

Alexa Goodman is our iCandy Creative Consultant. She works as a graphic designer and personal trainer. She lives in TN with her fiance, Cody, and their adorable American Bully, Leo.
She loves painting realism and has done beautiful, original artwork for iCandy. She’s been a valuable team member with iCandy since 2020 and keeps us fresh and up to date with the latest in fashion ideas and design.