Sponsored Athletes

 Alexa Goodman


My name is Alexa Goodman, my followers know me as “Hollywood”. I’m 24 years old and work as a graphic designer and personal trainer in Murfreesboro, TN. My fiance, Cody, is a personal trainer and also competes as a bodybuilder. Together we have an adorable American Bully named Leo. 
I would say my favorite color is blue, but that iCandy red just hits different! I love painting, riding horses, and being poolside in a bikini any chance I get. 
I am an NPC Bikini competitor and have been competing since 2015. In total, I have done 10 shows and plan to take this as far as I can! Growing up I played sports all through high school and college. Bodybuilding has allowed me to continue to be a competitive athlete long after my days on the pitch have ended.
I love being an iCandy Girl not only because of the opportunities it’s provided me with but also the amazing women it’s brought into my life! iCandy Bikinis is one of a kind, just like their suits! Since hitting the stage in iCandy, I’ve earned Overall titles and notable placements. iCandy puts the same hard work into each and every custom suit as I put into every detail of my bodybuilding career. I always feel and look my absolute best when I’m in them, it’s just the iCandy difference! 


 Rachel Burns



Hi, I'm Rachel Burns. I'm a busy mom and a Tennessee girl! I love to cook healthy foods and get creative in the kitchen.
I value health and fitness and enjoy finding fun ways to stay active. You'll often find me I'm the gym or in a dance studio. 
I am the original "iCandy Girl". It's been exciting to be a part of something so empowering. The iCandy Team is not just a group of athletes. We're here to support one another and push limits. 


 Misty Wise



My name is Misty Wise. I am a  cardiac RN, freelance hair and makeup artist specializing in competition H&M for a competition tanning company my husband owns, and boy mom to an amazing 11 year old. I’m married to my best friend, Will, who is also a NPC show promoter and competes as a super heavy bodybuilder and wears iCandy as well. We are an iCandy family. Staying involved in the bodybuilding industry is super important to me. Makeup is what started my interest in bodybuilding, as a bucket list check off, that 6 years later is a lifestyle. Prior to bodybuilding, I was overweight and never trained. My first NPC show in 2017, I nationally qualified and 1.5 years and 3 national shows later, earned my IFBB figure pro card. I am currently working toward my switch to IFBB women’s physique division. 
I have worked with several suit makers over the years and iCandy has by far exceeded any expectations and experience I could ever imagine. They literally take the anxiety of suit selecting out of the equation. The suit quality and design and customer service is unparalleled. iCandy came into my life in a difficult, yet important part of my bodybuilding journey. My last suit was a very sentimental one for me and I will forever be grateful for it. I have never felt more beautiful on stage than I have in an iCandy suit. I’ve never received so many compliments on a suit as I have while wearing iCandy! Being a part of something I believe in is important to me and is why I am thankful and honored to represent this company! 


 Danielle Brown


Hello, my name is Danielle, but everyone calls me Dani. I am a former collegiate athlete turned mother of 1, certified personal trainer, bodybuilder, and now an iCandy Sponsored Athlete. 
I attended UNC Pembroke where I played volleyball and graduated with my bachelor's degree in Business Administration in Management. Being a former athlete, I knew I wouldn't stray too far from the weight room.
I have been a personal trainer since 2019. In that same year, I did my first bodybuilding show at the Battle of the Bluff in Tunica, MS. I originally started in the Figure Division. I left that show winning 1st place True Novice, 1st place Open, and the Overall Title. 
Recently, I have switched to the Wellness Division. So far I have brought home multiple 1st place trophies and Overall Titles. The goal is to win my IFBB pro card in the Wellness Division. 
I am honored to be an iCandy Sponsored Athlete. I have heard nothing but great things about the team. The suits are absolutely beautiful and I love that they put a personal touch on each and everyone. 


 Anna Chism


Hey Ya'll, My name is Anna Chism and I am an IFBB Fitness Pro. I began competing back in 2012 shortly after starting my career as an Oncology Nurse. I am originally from Jackson, MS, but I moved to the Greater Nashville area in 2018 after meeting my now husband/coach Josh Chism.  We met in 2017, shockingly enough, at a bodybuilding show and have been together ever since. 
I have three fur babies (all dogs). Baker (Westie), Chewie (Yorkie), and Princess Leia (Scottie)... Yes, we're big Star Wars fans. 
I won my IFBB Pro card status in May of 2019 at the NPC Jr. USA's in Charleston, SC. The absolute best advice I can tell anyone when it comes to trying to achieve your goals of stepping on a national stage or achieving your Pro status is this; Understand this is not a sprint, it is a marathon and your greatest Pros on the Olympia stage did not get to where they are overnight. They put in the work day in and day out for YEARS, not months, or weeks, or days. However, always remember that each Olympian that you admire started out at ground zero. Trust the process, Follow the Plan, and Manifest the Outcome. 
I love iCandy Bikinis because of how unique and custom-made they are. They take time and use their years of experience to help each individual determine what cut and fitting size is best for them. They allow you to truly feel comfortable in the amazing designs they create. I know I can always count on them to be  responsive and dependable. Their designs are beautiful and unique and I love representing iCandy Bikinis on the IFBB Pro stage.


 Melissa Webb

@unflawed_mel / @meldabodygawd